Earn points with each purchase
After the order payment, the corresponding points will be added to your account.
Points value
For each euro in your order we assign you 1 point.
Redeem your points
Add your products to the cart and pay with your points. 1 point = € 0.10

How to earn points:

Every € 1.00 in your order entitles you to 1 point. In the case of decimal figures your points are rounded: for example an order of € 7.40, you will receive 7 points, while an order of € 9.70, you will receive 10 points.
Once the payment is made, your points will be added to your account. For technical reasons, the points are not shown until one day after the order has been done.
In case of return of any product, the amount of points will be regularized according to the amount actually paid.
You will have the possibility of receiving additional points thanks to extra promotions that we carry out. These promotions will be visible on our website and in our social networks and will help you earn points faster. For more information, you can consult the terms and conditions of participation of our points program.
The exchange of points is made based on the following relationship: 1 point = € 0.10. We also reserve the right to change the value of the points, as well as the number of points earned per purchase, at any time.

Terms and conditions of participation:

Maystar’s points program rewards your loyalty as a customer. The following terms and conditions apply to the entire points program, including earning and redemption.
1.- Participation:
All customers registered on participate in the points program automatically. Participation is free and is done through the customer account.
2.- Maystar Points:
2.1.- General:
The Maystar points program allows any participant to earn points that will be added to their account and may be used in the terms provided in the participation conditions. You can check the balance of points in your customer account at any time.
2.2.- Point collection:
Points are acquired automatically and for all orders since 2020/01/01, as soon as the payment of the order has been registered in our system. Maystar points will be credited to the customer account for each order paid. The number of Maystar points is determined by the amount paid for the order. For every euro spent you will get 1 Maystar point. Eventually, additional Maystar points can be credited to the account in case of special offers.
2.3.- Exclusion from the points programmeThe following cases will not earn Maystar points:
– Items whose purchase price is equivalent to € 0 (e.g. free samples, rewards, etc.);
– Redeemed vouchers;
– Order returns.
Maystar reserves the right not to award points in other cases not mentioned in these terms and conditions of participation.
A maximum of 5,000 points will be credited per customer per calendar year. Once this figure is reached, no more points will be added to the customer’s account until the start of the new calendar year.
2.4.- Operation of the points programme
Maystar points are automatically credited to the customer’s personal account when payment for the order is made.
2.5.- Point expiry:
Points are valid for 12 months after being credited to the customer’s personal account. If they are not used during this period, they will automatically expire at the end of the corresponding quarter. Closure of the customer’s account on duly justified grounds will render the points collected invalid.
3.- Redemption of points:
3.1.- Redemption of points:Any participant can redeem their Maystar points for purchases, as long as their points balance allows. To redeem their points, customers must place an order of at least €30.
3.2.- Terms and conditions of redemption:
Rewards can only be collected via the customer’s personal account. At no time may points be exchanged for money. Points can only be exchanged for discounts applied to purchases on this website.
3.3.- Delivery:
Delivery costs refers to Maystar’s current delivery costs and are excluded from the points programme. Click here for more information on shipping costs. law on the protection of personal data para más información sobre los gastos de envío.
4.- Miscellaneous:
4.1.- End of the points programme:
Maystar reserves the right to end the points programme or replace it with another programme at any time.
4.2.- Amendments:
Maystar reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions of participation, the rewards or other operational aspects of the points programme at any time. Amendments or supplements to the terms and conditions of participation will be published on our website.
5.- Protection of personal data:
Personal data collected via the points programme are obtained in accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of personal data.