Essential Oxygen Cream - 50 ml

Crema Oxigenante Antiestrés

Light, non-greasy moisturizing cream. Boosts skin oxygen-retention capacity and energizes sluggish skin.


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“Bathe your skin in essential oxygen”

Give your skin a breath of fresh air with this revitalizing blend of moisture and essential oxygen. Hydrovect O2 combats the effects of air pollution, detoxifying your skin and leaving it looking healthy, fresh and luminous.

  • Oxygenates skin
  • Decongests complexion
  • Deeply detoxifies
  • Intensely moisturizes
  • Effectively combats stress
  • Prevents cell ageing
  • Leaves skin looking healthy and radiant again
Apply to forehead, chin, cheeks, nose, neck and neckline.
Start by gently pinching application areas. Next, tap application areas with fingertips to stimulate deep skin layers.
Complete application by gently massaging into skin, moving outwards and upwards.



“Vital treatment for lacklustre and damaged skin that urgently needs deep-acting intensive care”

Its powerful detoxifying effect combats the stress produced by aggressive external agents and breathes new life into your complexion, restoring cell energy and leaving skin full of vitality.

  • Dehydrated skin
  • Skin exposed to air pollution
  • Dull and devitalized skin
  • Young skin



Atlantic coastal plant containing high concentrations of essential amino acids, vitamins, sugars, trace elements and structured peptides. Possesses powerful repairing and regenerating properties.


Effectively reconstitutes fibres that sustain skin tissue. Its capacity to retain a thousand times more moisture than its molecular mass makes it an outstanding


Increases the amount of oxygen available in each cell and enhances ATP synthesis to boost cellular energy. Prevents cellular oxidation and wrinkle formation.


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