Invigorating Thermal Spring Water - 200 ml

Gentle, bacteriologically pure thermal spring water lotion. Restores skin’s natural pH balance. Possesses soothing and desensitizing properties.


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“Gentle protection for delicate skin”

Pampers and protects delicate and reactive skin. Carefully formulated from natural ingredients to remove impurities whilst moisturizing and reducing blotchiness. Protects skin from day one, alleviating tightness and itching right from the first session.

  • Alleviates tightness
  • Reduces blotchiness
  • Soothes, moisturizes and protects
  • Decongests and invigorates
  • Deeply nourishes and regenerates
  • Reinforces the skin’s defences
  • Prevents ageing in sensitive skin types
Soak cotton pad in product.
If necessary, hydrate with moisturizing cream.


Reducing blotchiness95%

“Gentle protection for delicate skin”

Cares for skin without causing blotchiness or irritation. Delicately removes impurities to leave skin feeling fresh and relaxed, creating a moment of serenity.

  • Sensitive and dry skin types
  • Early skincare
  • Blotchy skin types
  • Reactive skin types
  • Young skin


Thermal Spring Water

Bacteriologically pure moisturizing water. Soothes, refreshes and decongests. Originates from underground springs. Rich in minerals and possesses powerful healing properties.


Effectively reconstitutes fibres that sustain skin tissue. Its capacity to retain a thousand times more moisture than its molecular mass makes it an outstanding hydration agent.


Moisturizing. Capable of attracting and retaining water


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