Détox plan, reset time

Plan détox, hora del reset

September arrives and we return on vacation with energy and a list of great purposes to face the new season.

We have scheduled, the time with our beauty hall, to analyze the status of our skin, and assign us new cosmetic care rituals. Of course, forced visit to the hairdresser, to nourish and rehydrate the hair, after long solar exhibitions.

There is no lack of visit to the gym, to establish what type of activity is the one that most adapts to our needs.

Between these and many other purposes, we find the purchase list, where after a more social season, where prominence lies in gastronomy, our body asks for a reset.

What is a détox plan?

When we talk about Détox plans, we refer to the cleanliness and detoxification of our body. Through changes in food and habits, we managed to help the body eliminate impurities, toxins and waste.

This helps us become aware of our food and return more easily to a balanced and healthy diet. And so start the new season with good footing.

It is important to note that not only feel physical benefits, such as improvements in the regulation of intestinal transit, feeling the skin cleaner and more hydrated, but also mental benefits, since with the change of schedules and food we manage to improve cerebral oxygenation.

Why should we do it?

Every day we are exposed to endless toxic of which we are not aware, we not only talk about the exhibitions to which we are involved, but in the foods, water we eat. In the long run, it can affect us health.

We must exclude ultraprocessed foods, eliminate sodas with gas, alcohol, reduce dairy, increase green leafy vegetables, red fruits that provide us with antioxidants, cook with extra virgin olive oil of first cold pressure ...

Vegetable and fruit shakes are a great ally, since they facilitate the taking of fresh food, where we can benefit from the micronutrients that provide us, vitamins, minerals ... Remember that vegetables when cooking loses many of the vitamins and minerals.

Include superfoods, whether powdered to enrich our broths and salads, as in accessories, will help us enhance the process and feel better.

Bet on a healthy life, it is not a matter of losing weight but of gaining health.

Angela Tejedera /Dietitian/Cosmetologist