How do I take care of my skin after 35?

Cuidar la piel a partir de los 35 años

It is not a myth, nor is it an exact age, but yes that year above, year we see how the skin begins to show changes from age 40. That is why the 35 years are important as a moment to change some habits.

From food, rest, pollution, how to take life and above all the daily beauty routine. Everything helps our face prepare to advance at more adult ages in equilibrium. Expression wrinkles are healthy, what is not healthy is extreme flaccid or wrinkles deeply at the ages that do not correspond.

It begins to contemplate a balanced diet with five amounts between fruit and vegetables, legumes, seeds and the necessary water. Exercise twice a week and combine it with the art of meditating, mindfulness or some discipline of relaxation. Live besides working and above all, learn to disconnect to connect with yourself. And finally, it uses creams formulated to take care of your skin and beautify it.

Synergy Lift Absolute: The secret formula from 35 years

Loss of collagen, muscle tone, onset of wrinkles and stains. All these symptoms are those who begin to take a way from this age and are accentuated prematurely if we do not remedy. In Maystar Lab we have created the perfect formula with stem cells of vegetable origin to be your best ally. These provide a high protective power against environmental damage, as well as pollution and violet rays.

This Sérum for all types of skins, both for men, and for women, is formulated with active ingredients that provide and establish greater skin hydration and a natural lifting, immediate and very important, cosmetic effect, cumulative with their daily use.

They say that a habit occurs from 21 days performing it. Start today and after dinner (balance) apply this Sérum, meditate and leave the mobile away from the table.

Sign up for this change for your body, mind and soul. There is no greater beauty than balance.